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About us

BORRTECH (T) Limited.

About us

For over 17 years and counting, Borrtech has worked collaboratively with major companies in the heavy industrial and Civil construction sectors to design, build, and refine engineering solutions that enable them to compete in global markets.

Borrtech’s team of specialists have a wealth of experience across engineering disciplines and industry sectors and strong track-record of delivering solutions for clients. They employ advanced engineering methods and tools, underpinned with quality assurance systems, but most importantly, they each understand the value of long-term relationships. Soto engineers see themselves as being embedded in the businesses and industries they serve. This long-term view and partnership approach, combined with a passion for solutions that are imaginative and creative, provides the platform for outstanding outcomes.


“Safety & Health“

Safety and Health Vision is a philosophy based on our values.

My family needs me back home safe We believe that all injuries are preventable We strive for a zero injury environment.

  • We operate on the basis of continuous improvement.
  • We recognize Safety, Health and Environmental Responsibility as key indicators of organizational excellence.
  • We train employees on job competency based on safety and we empower our employees to participate in injury prevention, to make safe choices, and to contribute towards a safer and h ealthy working environment.
  • Our goal is to create, build and establish safety into every step. When people know they will be safe and healthy on the job, and their loved ones know they are coming home safely and healthy, it provides the atmosphere for a happier, more productive employee.
  • Protecting employees and promoting safety and Health has earned BORRTECH a respected reputation as an Employer of Choice among its many communities.
  • Safety is a value to be carried at all times, not just in the workplace. Valuing safety and Health has a positive influence on our lifestyles and the decisions we all make as individuals to protect our families and loved ones

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Bolltech Services has rapidly grown to now play a vital part in the mining, construction and support service industries in various locations across the Africa. Throughout this time, we’ve proudly remained a 100% owned and operated Western Australian family company, with our first OEM-certified specialist still providing valuable tools-on-the ground support.

Borrtech’s customer base has grown exponentially, and our robust workforce has diversified and grown accordingly. Our  recruitment selection processes have allowed us to grow with integrity, staying true to our core values. We choose every member of our team for their commitment, skills, approach to safety and positive attitude.

Our people are not just our promise; they are our priority.

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